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Welcome to PF Power & Co. Accountants

The firm was initially established in 1980 in Wexford town and now serves a wide and varied portfolio of clients throughout the South East and beyond.

At P. F. Power & Co we are fully committed to providing a personal and first-class service having built a reputation for being a forward-looking and independent accounting taxation practice. We work closely with our clients and provide them with an individual and proactive service tailored to suit their needs. We are available all year round to deal with problems encountered by clients in relation to taxation and finance.

Business Guides >

Visit our Business guides section for guides & tips on starting a business, creating marketing plans, laws, employer PAYE, VAT and more.

Excel Templates >

Quick resource of excel templates for Cash Flow Statements, Motor and Subsistence Expense, Net Worth, Net Worth Statements and more.

Financial Calculators >

Quick resource of Calculators for Loan Repayment, Compound Interest on Savings,  Loan Repayment and more.

Taxation Centre >

Our Taxation Summary section contains the most up-to-date rates for Income Tax, Benefit in Kind, PRSI, Stamp Duty and more.